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Whether you have atopic eczema-prone skin, itchy skin, dry skin, or irritated skin this wonder is here to help. For those hard to bear days and sleepless nights, the Eczema Miracle Relief Stick is loaded with nature's gifts. Chamomile, Tea Tree, & Lavender to name a few, are essential oils that will assist with mitigating the inflammation, itching, and discomfort that comes along with eczema breakouts. The combination of olive oil & replenishing shea butter will assist with restoring balance to your skin, repairing lesions that occur with constant scratching, and help to nourish the skin with topical application. Gentle enough for a baby, excellent for adults, Do not suffer alone. For all natural relief this season, try Millenheirs Eczema Miracle Relief Stick.

Eczema Miracle Relief Stick

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