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Everyone wants to know how but NOT everyone is willing to put in the work to get them.

 360 Hair waves are undeniably timeless but it takes a bit of back end work if you are looking to drown them in your waves! One question that is often asked is how do you get them? There are a few keys to getting nice well kept, tightly aligned, deep rooted waves and along with time I might be able to help you out.

First off, perhaps the best time is just after a fresh low haircut. Be sure you are prepared with the following:

- A good satin night cap/durag that can be tightened

-a nice soft bristled brush

-a healthy s...

Millenheirs FAQ:

Beard Care

Is Beard Care a real thing?

Beard Care is a VERY real thing! According to many studies a beard can reduce the risk of skin cancer: Facial hair blocks up to 95% of harmful UV rays. Having a beard isn't just fashionable it may also be part of men’s built in survival mechanisms.. There is also research showing that beards likely evolved to help men boost their standing amongst other men.  As such, if there are a larger number of single men than women, more men grow beards. Other research also suggests that both men and women find that men with beards appear older, stronger and...

Pthalates(often found in fragrances and parfumes), sulfates, and parabens often ontribute to long term health problems, reproductive issues, skin problems and more. This is one reason we have chosen to create a line of all natural products using only essential oils with proven benefactors for our health. It is a very well known and documented fact that as the largest organ, your skin absorbs everything you apply to it very quickly. We ask this simple question. Why would you want to place harmful chemicals and additives to your skin knowing that it was being absorbed directly into your body?

In addition to keeping clean and moisturized, just like the hair on top of your head - keeping a longer beard style combed and groomed is important as well. Keeping a beard and mustache comb handy at all times can help keep you appearance well maintained and on point.

Work hair into the desired hairstyle. For slick backs or side parts, comb hair in one direction. For spiked hairstyle, pull hair straight up with pinched fingers. For braids, work into the scalp as braids are completed. For textured styles, pinch small sections of hair together. For ceasar cuts, apply and brush hair as normal. Uses and styles are endless and the right cut and style will have you looking like the royalty you are in no time!

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